The Animals

As you can see from the menagerie at Boturnell Farm, we are animal crazy! Many of the pets here are rescue and we appreciate that many owners like to bring their pets on holiday. This is fine by us. Throws are provided to protect the furniture and help you relax. All cottages have enclosed gardens. Dogs stay free. Stabling is available for the more larger pets and more adventurous owners. Hay can be provided and there are many super rides around. Naturally, we do have a pick up policy.

At the farm, we have many animal, all of whom have a story to tell! They share their life and often their breakfast with some of the chickens and ducks that wander around. There are cats, pigs, alpacas and horses around. Our own dogs love coming to work with us.

Candy & Winston

Figure 1. Candy & Winston

Betty down the woods

Figure 2. Betty down the woods


Figure 3. Primroses out in the woods.


Figure 4. The stream that babbles through our woods


Figure 5. Aubretia giving a splash of colour




Figure 6. Pretty Josh & Flash Lightening



Figure 8. Gorgeous George.


Figure 9. Mitzy hard at work!



Figure 11. Busy down the woods, no time to keep still for the camera!